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You Should Go Here of the Week: Gulfoss, Iceland

You Should Go Here of the Week: Gulfoss, Iceland

Welcome to one of the coolest places I’ve ever been — the Gulfoss Waterfall in Southwestern Iceland. On most tours on the Island, this is the centerpiece of the “Golden Circle” tour. You’ll get a little wet but its worth it. Behind the waterfall is a 360 view complete with glaciers, flatlands, mountains in every directions and a volcano or two.

The good news: Most Icelandair flights from the US and Europe are relatively cheap, as are the hotels and yours once you get on-island in Iceland.

The bad news: Your window to see this when the sky is blue, the temperature is above 50, and the days are long is mid-May thru early-September.

Where to stay: I stayed in the City Center Hotel in Reykjavik. Considering their lobby is actually a microbrew beer lounge, it was an awesome choice on one of Reykjavik’s walking streets, and one block down from some of the tour departures. If you do go, spend your days out in the countryside and your nights in Reykjavik.

A bonus: From Reykjavik, the rest of mainland Europe is only a cheap ticket away.

For another trip (sort of) in the neighborhood, check out all you can see with one week on the Gulf of Finland.


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