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Biden’s Funny, but Biden Didn’t do His Job.

Joe Biden was funny! Biden was sarcastic! Biden controlled the conversation — but Biden didn’t do his job. Biden, as usual, is now the distraction from what the Democrats would like to be talking about.

For weeks, Democrats have been trying to convince the country that Paul Ryan is an Ayn-Rand-fueled radical that is pushing an irrational brand of libertarianism. Biden barely touched on that, and except for a few appeals asking seniors “who do you trust?” Biden missed the last big opportunity the Democrats had to brand Ryan as an extremist that makes Romney not worth voting for.

Democrats seem happy that Biden was entertaining — but guess what? This morning, no one is talking about Paul Ryan’s medicare stances. No one is talking about the “war on women,” and no one is talking about income stratification or taxation. No one is talking about anything the Democrats want to talk about.

Joe Biden’s job was to scare people away from Paul Ryan — instead we all got a good laugh, and undecided voters got a 90 minute taste of the shouting-interrupting-no conclusions-made politics we’ve all come to hate.

Joe’s funny, but Joe failed.

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