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“I’m Pro-Gay Marriage, But Voting for Mitt Romney” — OK, Then Read This

I’m not going to tell anyone who to vote for. Honestly, I think that given the enormous challenges our country currently faces, the fact that our choices are either President Obama or Mitt Romney is a problem in and of itself.

There’s been lots of grey areas this election: lots of lies, made-up figures, and arguments over everything from big bird to rape. But there’s one issue that could not be more clear cut: gay rights.

If you’re a social liberal voting for Romney based on your economic views, you’ve got to understand what you are doing to the gay rights cause, and your LGBT friends who you support. You’ve got to think about who you’re putting on the Supreme Court, and the veto pen you’re putting in the White House.

You are renewing the national ban on gay marriage another 4 years. You are allowing gay Americans to be fired based on their sexual orientation another 4 years.

Gay people cannot achieve equality on their own. As something like 5% of the population, gay Americans rely on their family, friends, and allies to provide the necessary votes to protect their civil rights. Gay americans are counting on you to defend them from laws that would ban them from adopting children, prevent them from obtaining domestic partnerships, civil unions, and a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

If you’re going to vote for Mitt Romney, understand what you may be doing to your gay friends or family members, and the millions you do not know. You’re endorsing a man who has balked at the idea of gay men and women raising children, and supports putting “no gay marriage,” next to freedom of speech and the right to remain silent. Are these children Romney thinks shouldn’t exist going to be your nephews? Grandchildren? Best friend’s kids?

I’m not being sarcastic or over-emphatic. Mitt Romney supports laws that would immediately and permanently divorce my married friends, and sever their relationships with their children.

I see the economic imperative in voting for Mitt Romney that many feel. I understand the excitement people feel at the prospect of a new President, a new set of solutions, and a reprieve from a nasty 4 years. But, if you’re going to do this, and still consider yourself pro-gay marriage — please, plan your penance.

What are you going to do to help marriage equality advance in your home state? Where are you going to speak out for gay rights if its not going to be with your vote on who to send to the White House? Will you promise to back a pro-gay governor? Legislator? Will you fight a ballot initiative when it comes to your home state? Will you donate to the cause in Maryland, Minnesota, Maine, or Washington?

5% of the country is being targeted by another half of it. Do something about it.


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Biden’s Funny, but Biden Didn’t do His Job.

Joe Biden was funny! Biden was sarcastic! Biden controlled the conversation — but Biden didn’t do his job. Biden, as usual, is now the distraction from what the Democrats would like to be talking about.

For weeks, Democrats have been trying to convince the country that Paul Ryan is an Ayn-Rand-fueled radical that is pushing an irrational brand of libertarianism. Biden barely touched on that, and except for a few appeals asking seniors “who do you trust?” Biden missed the last big opportunity the Democrats had to brand Ryan as an extremist that makes Romney not worth voting for.

Democrats seem happy that Biden was entertaining — but guess what? This morning, no one is talking about Paul Ryan’s medicare stances. No one is talking about the “war on women,” and no one is talking about income stratification or taxation. No one is talking about anything the Democrats want to talk about.

Joe Biden’s job was to scare people away from Paul Ryan — instead we all got a good laugh, and undecided voters got a 90 minute taste of the shouting-interrupting-no conclusions-made politics we’ve all come to hate.

Joe’s funny, but Joe failed.

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Here Comes Santorum

And there goes another one. Rick Perry’s rise seems to be ending as quickly as it started.

If you’re a conservative voter, it’s probably starting to feel like Fred Thompson all over again. And over and over again. First, conservatives consigned themselves to voting to Mitt Romney. A more-conservative Tim Pawlenty came along, and quickly blew it. Then, the Michele Bachmann boomlet came and went. Then, Rick Perry shot up in the polls and has been coming back to Earth ever so quickly. Conservatives, are now looking at being locked into supporting Mitt Romney again — something many don’t want to do.

That’s where Rick Santorum comes in. Santorum has been getting stronger every single debate, hammering away at Perry and Romney, with no counter-punches from the two front-runners. That’s because while every other conservative has a right-wing flaw that can be attacked, Rick Santorum is conservatively flawless. He’s never supported universal healthcare. He’s never supported immigration. He didn’t support a bank bailout, and he’s never signed a tax increase. He’s as socially conservative as the Pope and certainly never suggested vaccinations for young girls or sex education for students.

One of the reasons Rick Santorum was never talked about as a top-tier before the race got going in earnest was because he’s exactly that conservative. He doesn’t budge, so the conventional wisdom is he can’t win a general election. Santorum is the natural home for the former Bachmann supporters who ran to Rick Perry only to find themselves backing a soft-on-immigration HPV vaccinator.

The only thing stopping a rise in the polls by Rick Santorum is a recovery by Perry, stronger performances by Cain or an entrance by Christie. Or, of course, a politician’s constant ability to shoot himself in the foot.

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Obama — The Next Reagan?

The graph above (via Gallup) shows the approval rating of a first-term President whose poll numbers have dropped steadily since taking office due to a failing economy and a sense of buyer’s remorse following a landslide victory as a party savior.

It also shows President Obama’s first term to-date.

Republicans are quick to pounce on President Obama’s free-fall poll numbers, and are already predicting an easy win in 2012. Fact is, Ronald Reagan, relative to Barack Obama, was more unpopular, more divisive and more likely to lose re-election throughout most of his first term. Only recently has Obama’s approval rating fallen out of sync and dropped below Reagan’s.

At his current rate, Barack Obama is cruising to an electoral landslide — Ronald Reagan style.

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