Stop Calling Abortion Murder

The annual March for Life is currently ongoing…I have been many times, and, generally speaking, I agree with many of the political goals of those in attendance. In my opinion, abortion is a fundamentally bad thing, and if we correctly structured our society, we could generally do without it.

Every time I attend the March though, I bristle at a single word: Murder. Murder is vicious. It is intent. Revenge. The most hateful human act. In much of America, committing Murder is cause for the state to execute you. Attempted murder is cause for lethal self-defense or Samaritan action.

These are not appropriate descriptions or reactions to the modern reality of abortion.

Murder is not a terrified 19-year-old girl doing something that society has given her a right and reason to do. Murder is not women who choose to have an abortion because there’s no financial safety net for her potential child. Murder is not a woman who has been raped choosing out of confusion, fear, and traumatic stress to end a pregnancy.

I am not asking you to soften your stance. My opinion is that abortion should and must be opposed. I am asking you to soften your tone, and to consider the long-term implications of telling a young woman she has committed murder.

I want to end with one thought: If we are not compassionate after a first abortion, are we complicit in a potential second one?


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